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Most spiders are nocturnal. During the day they are seldom seen, unless they are sought or disturbed in their natural environment. When the light fades, spiders become active.

They leave the protection of their burrows or shelters and go out in search of food or, in the case of web spinning spiders, construct their webs to snare prey. As day breaks, most spiders seek the safety of their shelters again.

Spider Control and Avoidance of Bites

  1. Free Spider Chart! Download nowWear gloves when gardening and handling soil or rubbish.
  2. Wear sensible footwear when walking outside, particularly at night, when most ground dwelling spiders are active.
  3. Where extensive excavations, landscaping, digging or gardening has occurred nearby, be alert for disturbed ground dwelling spiders, which may enter buildings.
  4. Don’t leave toys, clothes, and other such articles on the ground, particularly overnight. Wondering spiders may use them as temporary resting site.
  5. Be particularly alert for wandering male funnelwebs during the warmer months, January to March. It is their mating season, and they may wonder into yards and buildings in search of a mate.
  6. Be alert for wandering ground-dwelling spiders after long periods of very wet weather. Burrowing spiders have particular preferences, so extremes of weather may cause them to wander more than usual.
  7. Be alert for wandering ground-dwelling spiders following the widespread application of insecticides. Where spiders are not directly contacted (and wetted) by the insecticide, they may be disturbed and wander more than usual.

Springtime Outbreaks: Dangerous Aussie Spiders Run Rampant Throughout Sydney

Redback Spider

Wet and warm weather across NSW this Spring has seen a dramatic increase in spider activity over the months of October and November. There has been a sharp increase in calls related to spider infestations throughout the Sydney metropolitan areas and residents are advised that their properties could be at risk of being affected by the outbreak.

Of particular concern are the high numbers of venomous Redback, White Tailed and Funnel-web spiders being recorded both here in NSW and Queensland. Redback spiders can live for up to a year without food or water, and weather conditions over the past 12 months have provided extended periods with a climate perfect for spider reproduction, allowing these pests to breed in much higher than average numbers.

A recent article from a local Sydney newspaper stated that:

“THE dreaded redback spider is set to launch a new attack on Australia, with recent wet weather allowing them to breed in large numbers across the nation.

“In Queensland the number of redbacks has surged to its highest in 15 years. The number of the poisonous creatures, which love hiding in outdoor furniture, has been down in the past decade due to repeated droughts between 2000 and 2010.

“But recent wet weather has provided the perfect conditions for a redback resurgence. No one has died in Australia from a redback spider bite – which causes a crescendo of pain for up to four hours – since antivenene was introduced in 1956. Funnel-web numbers are also on the rise.”

Standard over-the-counter aerosol sprays may be sufficient in eliminating the odd spider or 2 from your home, but more rancid infestations require pesticides that require a more thorough application and that have a long lasting effect on the area that will safely protect your home from further spider reproduction.

Prevention of spider outbreaks is obviously more desireable than controlling existing ones, so if you’re yet to notice any increased activity then it’s definitely a good time to put some protection in place and stop the creepy creatures from taking over your outdoor areas in the first place. If you have discovered excessive spiders and/or nests around your home, then don’t delay calling us. Assassin Pest Control can elimate all spiders and their eggs in one fell swoop, along with applying a residual spray that will keep you protected after we leave. Then you can enjoy the great outdoors this summer without the worry of a nasty and painful spider bite!

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