Fast Termite Treatments

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL are termite treatment specialists and we boast extensive experience in locating and eradicating termites from properties in and around Sydney for good.

For nests that are more difficult to spot through traditional inspection methods, we have the latest in thermal imaging technology that enables us to pinpoint internal termite locations with 100% accuracy, and 0% invasion of your home or property. This means we find the little buggers fast, without the need to add further damage to your walls.

How We Work:

First and foremost- we arrive ON TIME, GUARANTEED.

You can count on us getting to you as planned, no mucking around.

Secondly, it is critical to first assess the current condition of your property:

  • Are there any obvious signs of termite infestations?
  • Are there parts of the property construction that could encourage future attacks?
  • Are there any environmental conditions on the property could encourage future attacks?

A full timber pest inspection and a timber pest report is the starting point do decide what is required for effective termite control, wood decay management and borer control.

Termite Treatment after Finding Termites:

A residual 3 step treatment around all structures coming up out of the ground of a building.

Termidor Termite Treatments

Until Termidor was released, protecting those homes involved chemicals that are repellent to householders as well as termites and which have to be applied in a perfect, unbroken barrier. Termidor has quickly established itself as the most effective and convenient protection for homes with no built-in barrier.

This type of termite protection doesn't depend on a repellent barrier and actually eliminates termites rather than just repelling them. This is because termites cannot detect Termidor. It has the added advantages of low toxicity and no odour. In fact, Termidor is a soil termiticide that does not require occupants to leave the house while the treatment is carried out.

The First Undetectable Termite Trap

Older chemical treatments create a repellent barrier that termites won't go through, but will try to find a way around. While they are usually effective, they have three main drawbacks; applying them creates a repulsive smell that lasts a day or two and can be difficult to live with; they deter termites, but do nothing to reduce the colony; and even a gap of a few centimetres in the barrier can cause the treatment to fail. Termidor supersedes those barriers with an extremely efficient in-ground trap that termites can't detect the Treated Zone. Far from being repelled by a barrier, termites forage into the Treated Zone and are killed in one of three ways:

  1. Termites that ingest or contact enough Termidor can be killed outright.
  2. Those that only receive a low dose of Temidor become dysfunctional. They stop feeding and grooming each other, neglect their environment, become diseased and die.
  3. Many affected termites find their way back to the colony. Other termites then receive a lethal dose through normal social interaction or cannibalism.

Heavy spraying is rarely required for termite treatments.

Why Choose ASSASSIN?

After many years in the pest control industry Darryl & his team at ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to finding termites & appropriating the most effective termite control method. Our treatments are aimed at not only eradicating your current termite problem but also ensuring that the termites will stay away in years to come.

Termites have a 200 million year evolutionary history closely related to cockroaches. They can be found right throughout Sydney and NSW. Knowledge of their biology is crucial for building and home inspections; something the ASSASSIN has finely tuned over the last 3 decades working in the pest control industry. 

Termites forage for food over a large area (approximately 100 metres) in search of timber and operate and live in a central nest or colony. The worker termites partially digest the timber before returning to the nest to feed the colony. This can cause considerable damage to our homes and bank accounts, as many Sydneysiders will attest, and can happen in a matter of months. Termites are social insects, and there are multiple castes within the colony.

Along with our number 1 priority- our commitment to you as our customer, we are also certified termite experts with decades of experience. Assassin founder Darryl Quinn and his team were selected as technical advisors to DuPont for the development of their treatment chemical 'Altriset'. You can trust in our knowledge of termites in Sydney.

DuPont Altriset Termite Treatment

Altriset termite treatments are highly effective.

DuPont selected our team of experienced pest controllers as technical advisors for the development of their truly awesome termite treatment chemical 'Altriset®'.

We are proud to have been involved on a technical level with the development of such an exceptional product and we continue to implement it's use in many of our successful termite control jobs.

Altriset® is so effective in its application that DuPont® guarantee results.

DuPont Professional Products is dedicated to creating innovative and environmentally responsible products for the professional pest management community.

As part of this commitment, they confidently offer the DuPont™ Altriset™ termiticide money-back guarantee for pest management professionals like us.

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Termite Control Sydney - FAST Termite Treatments Throughout NSW

Is it possible that you've got TERMITES?

Yes, it's true. 1 in 3 homes on average will suffer some kind of termite infestation so it is definitely possible that your home could be sustaining damage without your knowledge. If the signs of termite activity are very obvious, there's a good chance that they've been active for a while & have gotten their colony well established.

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Exterra Termite Bait Stations - Ultimate Termite Protection

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL use Exterra termite baiting systems.Another leading brand when it comes to professional termite control is EXTERRA. Exterra manufacture termite baiting systems that comprise of an in ground bait station containing both Requiem bait and Focus Termite Attractant.

Many years of experience in the termite control & termite treatment industry has resulted in Exterra developing one of the most effective termite baiting systems in Australia & throughout the world. Exterra always do their homework when it comes to researching termites and they put a lot of resources into developing termite baiting systems that work and work well at attracting termites quickly.

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Termite Treatments

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL are termite treatment specialists and we boast the latest in thermal imaging technology that enables us to pinpoint termite locations with 100% accuracy.

Its always important to first assess the current condition of your property:

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Termidor Termite Treatment by ASSASSIN

Active termites a problem?

Call now for a Free Quote and advice about your pest control/ termite situation

At ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL the termite protection that we favour is Termidor. These facts are why we recommend it to protect your home in Sydney, Australia.

  • Termidor is applied at very low rates. Typically, the active ingredient (Fipronil) is just 0.06% of the solution, a concentration much lower than that of older liquids and less than most insecticides.
  • Keep in mind, too, that since 1995, fipronil has been use around the world for flea and tick control on household pets and on agricultural crops to protect food supplies. And Termidor has virtually no odour, which means you and your family won't notice a thing. No better choice for termite defence.
  • Termidor is the only termite treatment that combines a unique mode of action, a long residual, and the ability to manage colonies faster than a baiting system.

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Professional Termite Inspections

 The media reports on the importance of termite inspections and termite control methods constantly. Major media stories have been run in Sydney regarding inadequate inspections for termites and other timber pests. This is particularly the case when new home buyers require a pre-purchase inspection.

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Spider Control Sydney - information


Spider control Sydney - ASSASSIN PEST CONTROLMost spiders are nocturnal. During the day they are seldom seen, unless they are sought or disturbed in their natural environment. When the light fades, spiders become active.

They leave the protection of their burrows or shelters and go out in search of food or, in the case of web spinning spiders, construct their webs to snare prey. As day breaks, most spiders seek the safety of their shelters again.


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Bird control and bird lice control in Sydney

Birds may look innocent but they can create pest problems. Talk to ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL today.

Birds may roost or nest in buildings, often gaining access through broken tiles and damaged ridge capping. This is usually a seasonal occurrence when birds are about to lay eggs. Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, myna birds are the frequent offenders.

Some birds nest in situations such as guttering and downpiping which then causes water overflow and moisture problems in walls. Their faeces also reduces the normal flow of water in guttering, causng corrosion in some types of metal guttering.

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Cockroach control Sydney

Remove & prevent cockroach infestations. Talk to ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL today.

German Cockroaches are the worlds' most successful and prolific cockroaches because of their extremely fast breeding habits and ability to adapt to almost any environment. They will eat anything that humans do and will also eat wallpaper, curtains, leather and any other organic material.

They are always found indoors and tend to stay where food and water are freely available, such as kitchens, pantries and bathrooms, etc.

They cannot fly and carry their egg capsules (Ootheca) until maturity, unlike the other pest species.


The adults are 10-15mm long and are tan to medium brown coloured with 2 parallel dark stripes on the head section (Pronotum).

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