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German Cockroaches are the worlds’ most successful and prolific cockroaches because of their extremely fast breeding habits and ability to adapt to almost any environment. They will eat anything that humans do and will also eat wallpaper, curtains, leather and any other organic material.

They are always found indoors and tend to stay where food and water are freely available, such as kitchens, pantries and bathrooms, etc.

They cannot fly and carry their egg capsules (Ootheca) until maturity, unlike the other pest species.


The adults are 10-15mm long and are tan to medium brown coloured with 2 parallel dark stripes on the head section (Pronotum).

The nymphs are very small, dark and beetle-like when they first emerge from the capsule and within a few weeks grow more slender and lighter coloured. They have a light stripe down the centre at this stage of their development. Signs of infestation include cast skins, dark regurgitation and faecal droppings in corners and door hinges of cupboards. Their droppings are tiny and resemble flyspecks. They are often confused with the Brown-banded Cockroach, which is lighter in colour, lives outdoors or indoors in dry environments and can fly.