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Ever heard of a brand new home under attack by pests? We have!

Termites are fast moving insects. One would think that when constructing a brand new home it would take a while for a termite colony to take notice before moving in to attack, but that’s certainly not the case for one Sydney couple.

FIELD REPORT: 26 Termite Entry Points Found In New Sydney Home

When ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL got the call to inspect a 2 year old home, we weren’t at all surprised to find an infestation already taking place. On this occasion however it was a little more severe than would normally be anticipated with our technicians discovering 26 entry points made by subterranean termites over 180 lineal meters around the house!

The location of this beautiful home is semi rural on a large property, surrounded by many large trees & woodlands. For this reason the house was in fact placed in an ideal position for termites to take hold, and without the necessary termite defense system in place (termite baiting stations such as Exterra) it was basically a free reign for entire colonies!

In our client’s despair they were in need of a fast solution that would quickly stop the termites from doing any further damage and more to the point a solution that would keep the attackers at bay.

Fortunately for them, they hadn’t completed any landscaping work around the house and so there were no concrete paths or pavers laid. This made it much easier for us to prepare the grounds for an effective treatment.

This particular job involved the usual extermination process but we spent almost a week lowering the soil that surrounded the house so as to remove any easy access for the termites.

Black marks were made on the house using a permanent marker that would disappear should any termite activity return. Over 2 years later we are proud to say that not one of the marks have been disturbed and all 26 previous entry points remain clean.

The moral of this story is quite simple – when building a new home, incorporate a pest management strategy that includes termite baiting stations around the perimeter that will enable easier detection of termite activity before any considerable damage is done.

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