Our Commitment to You

The pest control industry is highly competitive. We understand our customers’ needs for punctual pest control agents. That’s why we say, "if we ever arrive late for the initial appointment on the day that the pest control will commence, the pest control service is absolutely free to the customer." This policy demonstrates Assassin Pest Control’s strong focus on the customer. We place high demands on ourselves to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

At Assassin Pest Control, we believe that customer satisfaction is and should be the main day-to-day focus of our business. Positive feedback from our customers reinforces our belief, letting us know that we are indeed making a difference in the pest control industry

Impeccable Phone Service

Assassin Pest Control provides impeccable phone service. Call us today at 1800 674 115 and give us an opportunity to show you what we do best and why we’re the best providers in the pest control industry.


The products we use inside your home are completely safe around children, pregnant women, pets, and plants. The chemicals are odorlous and do not produce dangerous vapours. At Assassin Pest Control, some of our highest priorities are safety and environmental responsibility.


At Assassin Pest Control, we have a wide range of technologically advanced equipment and environmentally sound treatments that are designed to protect you while getting to the root of your pest control problem.


Our pest control agents are highly effective, trained professionals who have years of experience in their field. Their care and commitment to their work is evident in every step of their pest control inspections and treatments.