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How we work for you: Step 1- Inspection

First and foremost if an appointment is arranged, we will arrive ON TIME, GUARANTEED.

Prior to applying any treatment, it is critical to first assess the current condition of your property. We will quickly determine the severity of the problem by finding our usual telltale signs during our full timber pest inspection and report. We will go over the following:

  • Locate obvious signs of termite infestations
  • Utilize our thermal scanners where necessary
  • Assess property construction and environmental conditions
  • Evaluate both current infestation and factors that could encourage possible future attacks
  • Wood decay management
  • Effective border control

Step 2 – Termite Treatment after Finding Termites:

We then perform a residual 3 step treatment around all structures coming up out of the ground of your building(s). See the video below.

Step 3 – Post Treatment

To ensure maximum protection to the property, the termite treated zone should be reapplied every 2 – 10 years at the clients expense, depending on the type of treatment & the type of chemicals used.

As no property can ever be totally safe from termite attack a six (6) monthly maintenance program is recommended to continue the ASSASSIN PEST CONTROLS’ service warranty.

The warranty covers a full inspection of the property and a written report is given notifying the client on the conditions of the subfloor, roof void and interior timbers for the presence of termites. The report also notifies of timber fence condition, subfloor moisture and ventilation and any other points that may be conducive to termite attack.

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General Information on Termites around Sydney

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL are termite treatment specialists boasting extensive experience in locating and eradicating termites from properties in and around Sydney for good. Our thorough knowledge of termite colonies combined with our thermal imaging technology enables us to pinpoint pest locations with 100% accuracy.

Termites have a 200 million year evolutionary history closely related to cockroaches. They can be found right throughout Sydney. Knowledge of their biology is crucial for building and home inspections.

After many years in the pest control industry Darryl & his team at ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to finding termites & appropriating the most effective termite control method. Our treatments are aimed at not only eradicating your current termite problem but also ensuring that the termites will stay away in years to come.

Termites forage for food over a large area (approximately 100 metres) in search of timber and operate and live in a central nest or colony. The worker termites partially digest the timber before returning to the nest to feed the colony. This can cause considerable damage to our homes and bank accounts, as many Sydneysiders will attest, and can happen in a matter of months. Termites are social insects, and there are multiple castes within the colony.

How Do Termidor Termite Treatments Work?

Termidor termite protection doesn’t depend on a repellent barrier and actually eliminates termites rather than just repelling them. This is because termites cannot detect Termidor. It has the added advantages of low toxicity and no odour. In fact, Termidor is a soil termiticide that does not require occupants to leave the house while the treatment is carried out.

For nests that are more difficult to spot through traditional inspection methods, we have the latest in thermal imaging technology that enables us to pinpoint internal termite locations with 100% accuracy, and 0% invasion of your home or property. This means we find the little buggers fast, without the need to add further damage to your walls.

Putting an end to toxic pest control methods

Until Termidor was released, protecting those homes involved chemicals that are repellent to householders as well as termites and which have to be applied in a perfect, unbroken barrier. Termidor has quickly established itself as the most effective and convenient protection for homes with no built-in barrier.

This type of termite protection doesn’t depend on a repellent barrier and actually eliminates termites rather than just repelling them. This is because termites cannot detect Termidor. It has the added advantages of low toxicity and no odour. In fact, Termidor is a soil termiticide that does not require occupants to leave the house while the treatment is carried out.

The First Undetectable Termite Trap

Older chemical treatments create a repellent barrier that termites won’t go through, but will try to find a way around. While they are usually effective, they have three main drawbacks; applying them creates a repulsive smell that lasts a day or two and can be difficult to live with; they deter termites, but do nothing to reduce the colony; and even a gap of a few centimetres in the barrier can cause the treatment to fail. Termidor supersedes those barriers with an extremely efficient in-ground trap that termites can’t detect the Treated Zone. Far from being repelled by a barrier, termites forage into the Treated Zone and are killed in one of three ways:

  1. Termites that ingest or contact enough Termidor can be killed outright.
  2. Those that only receive a low dose of Temidor become dysfunctional. They stop feeding and grooming each other, neglect their environment, become diseased and die.
  3. Many affected termites find their way back to the colony. Other termites then receive a lethal dose through normal social interaction or cannibalism.

Heavy spraying is rarely required for termite treatments.

Is it really that likely you’ve got TERMITES?

Yes, it’s true. 1 in 3 homes on average will suffer some kind of termite infestation so it is definitely possible that your home could be sustaining damage without your knowledge. If the signs of termite activity are very obvious, there’s a good chance that they’ve been active for a while & have gotten their colony well established.

Is your home under threat? Ask ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL about a termite inspection.

Should you be worried about Termites?

If you’ve never had a professional building inspection or gotten any form of termite treatment (such as a baiting system OR termite removal) from a certified professional over the past few years, then yes- you should be worried. Your insurance will not cover damage from termites.

The most unwanted pests out of all that enters your home is the subterranean termite. Each year termite damage more homes than both fire and storms combined. 1 in 3 homes will be attacked by termites, and their activity goes unnoticed a lot of the time. As termites forage for food below the soil, they often gain access to a home from the subfloor area, slab edge or timber structure attached to the house. This gives them a stealthy entrance into your home and they’re able to keep busy without gaining your attention. Even if you’ve carried out some form of DIY pest control around the home, such as spraying a protective barrier around your foundations, termites can still easily make their way in & start their path of destruction.

Be concerned, but do not despair & don’t panic. Experienced & effective help can be on it’s way today if you take the right action. Call a professional today to get some advice on your particular circumstance relating to the evidence of termite activity or what you think could be a serious possibility of an infestation. Discussing the matter in some detail will first establish the appropriate remedy by way of a chemical treatment & there are different types of applications to suit different needs. The important thing is that your treatment or inspection is conducted by a professional technician who will stand by their work with some form of warranty.

All ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL termite treatments are carried out in strict accordance to the Australian Standard AS 3660/2000. As current termite formulations are designed to be more friendly to the environment, they break down under normal environmental conditions.

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