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Snake Catcher

One of our pest controllers recently stumbled across an Australian python while performing a routine visit at one of our client’s houses in suburban Sydney. With his phone camera in hand he managed to both capture the reptile & provide us with some footage from the 1st person perspective so we thought the unexpected find is good enough reason for a write up on snakes which hasn’t yet been featured on our website.

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL can assist you with snake catching and as our field technician discovered, they certainly appear unexpectedly and the need for instant action is obvious. Generally very timid creatures, they are fast to retreat into their dens or hide under debris or in longer vegetation in the backyard, making them difficult to find.

This particular snake was a carpte python known as Morelia Spilota and these are the most common type of python found on Australian soil. Luckily for our pest controller at hand, she looked to have just settled on a recent meal which would likely have been a marsupial of some kind, or perhaps a large rat judging by thte size of the bulge in her stomach. Generally lazy-looking by nature during the day, the full stomach had the snake in an even more subdued mood and she was easy enough to collect without causing any harm.

Although non-venemous, carpet pythons utilize their size to crush their prey and as you can see in the video, they have the ability to curl themselves around an object at which point they will squeeze to strangle their kill. Generally of minimal threat to humans, they do have the ability to take away unwary pets and still need to be regarded as a dangerous predator.

On this occasion the snake was nearly 2 metres in length which is actually on the small side of the scale for this species which can grow in excess of 4 metres long. The property owners were understandably not too keen to keep her around until she grew to full size so we moved the snake off to another location that was more than a safe distance from residential areas.

Despite a find such as this being somewhat interesting, it is important to note that Ausralia harbours some of the most deadly snakes in the world that have a venom potentially deadly to humans. Although many snakes will not usually attack unless provoked, their presence is certainly a danger to families & their pets and the discovery of any snake should prompt an immediate call to a professional snake catcher or pest controller. Do not delay.

Australia’s deadliest snakes:

  • Eastern Brown Snake – aggressive, short tempered. Commonly found in populated areas especially on farmlands.
  • Tiger Snake – common inhabitants of the east coast. Bites can be fatal if left untreated.
  • Taipan (inland & coastal)– rare within suburban areas but it’s bite can kill a human in less than an hour.
  • King Brown Snake – very common type of brown snake with an ultra high venom output.
  • Copperhead Snake – lovers of water with neurotoxic venom & can inhabit colder climates.
  • Small-eyed Snake – common along the east coast. Small (around half a metre) & black, difficult to spot.
  • Death Adder – their nature of hunting means they will risk being trodden on instead of fleeing human activity.
  • Red Belly Black Snake – commonly found throughout NSW & within Sydney’s inner suburban areas.

The important thing to do when a snake is sighted in or around your home is to not panic & contact a professional as soon as possible. Secure your family & any pets from contact with the snake & ensure there aren’t any gaps underneath doors or in low windows where the reptile could possibly gain access. Remember most snakes won’t bite if they’re left unharmed so don’t do anything to provoke an attack & you and your family will be fine.