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Flea control in Sydney

Microscopic view of fleas. ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL can remove fleas from your home.

There are approximately 70-80 species of fleas in Australia (Order Syphonaptera), the most common being the cat flea and the dog flea. They are 1-6mm in length and black or brown in colour. The cat flea is far the more common species, with this parasite being found upon both dogs and cats.

People often refer these as grass fleas or sand fleas. It is incorrect to assume that these fleas just live in the grass or sand. They are usually cat fleas that their pet has deposited on the ground. All fleas are blood sucking parasites and they need a living host in order to survive.

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Rat & Mice Control Sydney - ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL


The presence of rats and mice in buldings is usually regarded as undesirable from the viewpoint of food spoilage and contamination, physical damage, and the transmission of diseases to humans. There are 3 types of common pest rodents. The small House Mouse, medium sized Roof Rat and large Norway Rat.

Eating and Contamination of Stored Food

Rats and mice are responsible for enormous losses of food in store, either by directly eating the foods or by rendering them inedible through contamination. As the rodents move in and around stored foods, theycontaminate the food with dropping and hairs.

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Wasp nest in Sydney NSW. ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL handle wasps & European Wasps.

Are European Wasps Dangerous?

Overseas, people have died from European Wasp stings. The people most at risk are those who are allergic to bee and wasp venom. European wasps are more aggressive than bees and will attack if their nest is disturbed. Unlike a bee, a European Wasp can sting more than once. There is no barb to remove and the wasp does not die after stinging. Their stings are also more painful than those of bees.

What Should I do If I find a European Wasp Nest?

Only professionals who are experienced in handling stinging insects should attempt to destroy a European Wasp nest. If you believe that you have found a nest, call Assassin Pest Control immediately and keep away from the nest area.

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