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Is it possible that you've got TERMITES?

Yes, it's true. 1 in 3 homes on average will suffer some kind of termite infestation so it is definitely possible that your home could be sustaining damage without your knowledge. If the signs of termite activity are very obvious, there's a good chance that they've been active for a while & have gotten their colony well established.

So you think you've got a termite problem. Should you be worried?

If you've never had a professional building inspection or gotten any form of termite treatment (such as a baiting system OR termite removal) from a certified professional over the past few years, then yes- you should be worried.

The most unwanted pests out of all that enters your home is the subterranean termite. Each year termite damage more homes than both fire and storms combined. 1 in 3 homes will be attacked by termites, and their activity goes unnoticed a lot of the time. As termites forage for food below the soil, they often gain access to a home from the subfloor area, slab edge or timber structure attached to the house. This gives them a stealthy entrance into your home and they're able to keep busy without gaining your attention. Even if you've carried out some form of DIY pest control around the home, such as spraying a protective barrier around your foundations, termites can still easily make their way in & start their path of destruction.

Be concerned, but do not despair & don't panic. Experienced & effective help can be on it's way today if you take the right action. Call a professional today to get some advice on your particular circumstance relating to the evidence of termite activity or what you think could be a serious possibility of an infestation. Discussing the matter in some detail will first establish the appropriate remedy by way of a chemical treatment & there are different types of applications to suit different needs. The important thing is that your treatment or inspection is conducted by a professional technician who will stand by their work with some form of warranty.

All ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL termite treatments are carried out in strict accordance to the Australian Standard AS 3660/2000. As current termite formulations are designed to be more friendly to the environment, they break down under normal environmental conditions.

Ok, so what should you do now?

For us to quickly help you control your termites, take a photo of the area where you have seen or suspect termite activity & use our send-in-a-photo service here on our website & we'll soon be able to tell you if you have termites or not.


What happens after a termite treatment has been applied?

To ensure maximum protection to the property, the termite treated zone should be reapplied every 2 - 10 years at the clients expense, depending on the type of treatment & the type of chemicals used.

As no property can ever be totally safe from termite attack a six (6) monthly maintenance program is recommended to continue the ASSASSIN PEST CONTROLS' service warranty.

The warranty covers a full inspection of the property and a written report is given notifying the client on the conditions of the subfloor, roof void and interior timbers for the presence of termites. The report also notifies of timber fence condition, subfloor moisture and ventilation and any other points that may be conducive to termite attack.

What if you're building a new home?

When building your new home be sure to consult a pest management expert in the early stages of construction. A house that is low risk of termite attack on site may be a high risk on another. Any trees on the property should be investigated for termite activity before any earth works or tree removal. If these trees are felled and buried in fill, it can be impossible to locate and treat if activity arises. All trees to be removed should be entirely removed from the property roots and all.

Termites do not kill trees – Termites can assist in the growth of a tree as they return the nutrients and protein from the timbers that they attack in the soil and houses back to the nest within the trunk of the tree therefore providing the tree with all the nutrients, protein and moisture the tree needs to maintain good health.

Be sure a termite barrier treatment is carried out during construction, prior to the concreter slab being laid. This treatment alone will not give adequate protection against termite attack. On completion of construction a barrier must be placed around the external perimeter of the house. A house built with suspended timber flooring should have a good supply of air circulating below, this well reduce moisture build up, wood decay and fungal growth.

Buying an Established House

When buying a house it is important to ask questions. Try to find out as much as possible about the history of the house.

  • When was the house built?
  • Has the house been renovated?
  • Has the house had termites before?
  • Has the house been treated against future termite attack?
  • How extensive was the damage?
  • When was the house treated and by whom?
  • What sort of treatment was carried out and what chemicals were used?

Talk to neighbours to see if any other houses in the street have had termites. This information can be extremely useful in determining the future termite risk.

Before buying a house have it checked by a licensed pest management specialist. Do not be turned away from a house because it has had termites, if is has been properly treated the chance of reinfestation is very small and remember the house down the road that has never had termites is the one that could have them next month.

It is important not to try to treat them yourself as they may retreat to another area of the house making treatment more difficult. If specimens can be collected this will help in the proper identification which is important in determining the correct treatment procedures.

When treating for termites the main goal is to try and locate and destroy the nest, this can be done by the application of Premise Foam or Arsenic Dust introduced into the damaged timbers. If the termites are disturbed this opportunity may be lost resulting in further termite damage and more costly treatment.


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