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NEWS FLASH COVID-19 Special Pricing at Assassin Pest Control

The pest control industry is highly competitive. We understand our customers’ needs for punctual pest control agents.

That’s why we say:

“If we ever arrive late for the initial appointment on the day that the pest control will commence, you will receive $50 off the pest control treatment.”

This policy has always been in place at Assassin Pest Control. We demand it of ourselves to ensure full customer satisfaction and respect that everybody’s time is important.

Termites Work Fast, So Do We

Nobody enjoys waiting around while a pest problem exists in a home or workplace. That is why ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL treat all pest control jobs with a sense of urgency and we always make it our priority to get to job sites on time.

Why not call a professional pest controller that works fast, so that you can sit back and relax knowing that your pest problem will be under control without the hassle of waiting around for an unorganized pest control technician or consultant.

Whether it be termites, cockroaches, wasps, rodents, fleas, spiders, ants or even birds, know that if you select ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL to help with the control of these pests you can rest assured that we will treat your problem with the highest level of importance and will always work as quickly as possible to get the issue resolved.

One thing we would like you to know is that this is not a ‘gimic’ used to entice new customers – this is the way ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL has always operated! We can offer this guarantee with absolute confidence as we make it our priority to help our clientele solve problems as quickly as possible.

“Waiting around for a plumber to fix a leaky tap is one thing, it can be frustrating hearing that tap drip for longer if the tradesman is late.”

“But waiting for a pest controller while termites damage your property – that causes a high level of anxiety and that is one thing we do everything in our power to avoid. There’s no sense in telling someone you can assist them if you simply cannot make it within the time specified- that doesn’t do anyone any favors. If we say we’ll see you by 3 in the afternoon on the same day you call, then we will be there!”

Darryl Quinn, Assassin Pest Control

If you’re after prompt, on time delivery of pest control solutions, call us NOW on 0407 737 843.