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With Wet Weather Across Sydney, Termite Control is Essential

Get a termite inspection - you could save thousands

Well as the first few days of Autumn hit us with a big wet we wonder where sunny summer went. Usually the summer months are the active days of Termites and the feeding frenzy they perform on our most prized possession- our house and garden. Termites have an active season which usually runs during the warmer months, but over the last few seasons termites have had the most consistent weather of sun and water over a longer period of time with only the cooler months of June, July and August slowing down the activity of termites, now this does not mean NO termite activity only a slowing down of their movements as termites now prefer the warmth of the nest and termite colony, in some sense they are bit like the human race- when it's cold we are more likely to stay indoors around the heater with a cup of coffee than mowing the lawns and keeping the garden maintained.

February of 2014 has been one of the wettest on record in Australia and being the last month of the Australian Summer, this obviously coincides with some of the hottest days of the year. In what is already the peak season for termite activity around New South Wales, this additional humidity has made for near perfect conditions for subterranean termites to multiply and swarm to new locations rich with their favorite resource.

Found termites and need help?

Sensational termites regroup and plan another attack on surrounding areas which will include termite damage to your house and home. Assassin Pest Control recently performed a termite treatment on a house that was less than 8 months old from new, a result of certain mistakes the home owner had made that compromised the original termite protection installed by the home builder. This allowed the termites to gain entry into the timber frame of his home.

The wetter conditions make it easier for termites to create their mud tubes in which they commute out in the open, so to speak. This enables them to more quickly penetrate your home or business so that they can reach the wood inside what is quite possibly your most prized asset. As is true in so many termite cases that Assassin Pest Control manage for our customers, you will be totally unaware of their approach and they will silently create their mud tubes up your foundation, allowing them to reach an entry point. Before you realize that these pests have invaded your home, weeks or even months may have passed and the repair bill for the damage they've caused could reach many thousands of dollars. Adding insult to injury, chances are your insurance policy doesn't cover any of the damage either.

A pair of Queen Termites is NOT what you want near your property

Why should you be worried about the latest spur of wet weather in Sydney?

  • Termite activity is currently at it's peak across Australia.
  • Moist soil conditions are supportive of colony construction.
  • New homes provide new locations of resources for termites.
  • Pest controllers around Sydney have had a spike in termite treatment cases.

What should you do?

Non invasive thermal inspection technology
  • If you're at all concerned about termtie activity in or around your home, arrange a termite inspection today.
  • Termite inspections should be carried out every 6 to 12 months if your property does not have bait stations installed.
  • Termite inspections by Assassin Pest Control technicians are non-invasive by use of infrared scanning technologies, so there's no need to tear your property apart.
  • Coupled with our extensive experience in the field of termite identification & treatments, our customers can rest assured knowing that if there is a single termite inside their home, we will find it and eradicate it!

How do we protect our house from termite attack?

  • Fix leaking taps.
  • Remove any timber debris from your property.
  • Trim heavy vegetation away from the side of the building to allow more direct sunlight on to damp soil areas.
  • Improve the ventilation to the subfloor area in the house in built from a timber bearers and joist set up.
  • No one can stop termites from attacking your property but you can certainly minimize the risk by following the few simple steps as noted above.

Can I find out if there are termites in my house myself?

This is a question we are often asked, and unfortunately 100% of the calls received from customers stating they've discovered termites in their home are a result of them discovering DAMAGE to their home, not insects! This is always a devastating blow to families and consequently we cannot recommend that you self diagnose any threat of termties around your property- get an experienced professional with a proven track record to conduct a proper pest inspection. Experienced pest controllers have a highly trained eye for finding any termite activity. Time and time again we've visited properties where the occupant has insisted that there are no termites within, only for us to discover multiple colonies within minutes. Put simpy- don't take the risk.

A swarm of flying termites

A termite inspection is far more affordable than most people think. When you analyze the potential savings, the benefits of a thorough inspection significantly outweigh the cost. What we can do is have regular termite inspections at no more than 12 months between inspections and in some heavy termite prone areas where the surrounds have the idea breeding ground of termite colony's those inspections can be performed anywhere from 3 to 6 months apart to help minimize the length of time termites are doing damage to your property.

Why not take advantage of our specials when you book in for a termite inspection we will perform a second service of a general pest spray for the low price of $110 dollars a savings of over 50% off normal prices.

on 1800 674 115.

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