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Go For A White Ant Treatment Before Those Buggers Ruin Your Summer ... And Your Home

Those white ants are hurt to be called vandals or fun sponges. They don’t mean to ruin your good time or your property in their bid to nourish themselves and reinforce their colony. People are not the only ones who love the idea of a great outdoor meal in the warm dusk after all. You’ll probably find company descending in droves as the mouth-watering aroma of tonight’s barbie wafts through the humid air. It’s not the kind of company you were expecting, however. These guests are the winged variety and they didn’t come for your exotic kabobs or famous barbecue sauce, either. As the night closes in, those ubiquitous flying white ants or termites make their presence felt as they revel in the warm, moist air in search of yummy timber. When this happens, don’t fret over your gatecrashed barbie; instead, worry that those buggers are eyeing your home as their next food source.

Rare is the human who thinks white ants should prevail in a property. Those termites are destructive little pests with a capacity for large scale damage. If you love your home, value the idea of a structurally sound shelter for your family, and get the heebie-jeebies from the thought of nasty little creatures cohabitating with you, then get white ant treatment before a colony becomes a full-blown menace.

To protect your property from termites, pest control specialists will evaluate its condition to see how far gone the termite situation is and recommend a fitting solution, be it a safe and effective treatment such as Termidor, a baiting program like one from Exterra, or simply doing away with termite attack-prone elements in your home.

Termidor is certainly the champion of the best pest control companies out there. Not only is it non-invasive and safe for use even with humans present, it is also highly effective. Unlike most pesticides, it not only repels the pests, but actually eradicates them instead, more effectively and efficiently addressing the problem. And once it is used, its potency lasts eight years. Pest control experts who use Termidor definitely swear by the product.

Of course, you don’t only concern yourself with the threat of termite infestation when signs of it are already obvious. Before white ants gatecrash your next outdoor shindig and swarm over your legitimate guests or you see frass and mud tubes on your walls, commit to a regular inspection to combat the colony in your neighbourhood. As they say, the best defence is a good offence. So go for an annual inspection and accordingly address any trouble spots in your property way before the white ants discover them.

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