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Termite Inspections: From An Environmental Perspective

Thermal cameras can be used prior to any chemical application for an initial termite inspection that is non-invasive

Consider it a form of ecological karma.

It is quite easy to think of an individual's actions as an independent event — something which has no bearing to another person or creature miles away. But the truth is, the Earth is one big ecological system. It is quite easy too to think of climate change, global warming and other environmental issues as a minor inconvenience to which an average individual has little control.

Now consider the termite — a little creature that can wreak havoc inversely proportional to its miniscule size. Annually, these insects cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage and cause financial woes related to home repairs, termite inspections and pest controls. Sydney residents may think that they are immune to this problem, but the truth is they are not.

What’s worse is that, despite the amount of money home owners spend not only to get rid of these pests but also to safeguard their homes, the problem only seems to worsen as years go by. Many experts foresee the problem growing worse as areas which are considered habitats for these creatures (like forests) are diminishing due both to increased consumer demand and the encroachment of these areas for property development.

With the loss of their habitat, there is no other recourse for these insects but to seek food and habitat in areas where humans live, which in turn fosters the cycle of infestation and pest control. Certainly, more areas must be developed to accommodate the country's growing population. But in order to minimise the threat of termite infestations, both authorities and property developers should consider this issue.

Environmental issues should also be considered when responding to the problem of termite infestation. Pest control companies employ a variety of tactics and use a variety of products to target termites. However, such products can have an impact not only on the health of a home's occupants, but more importantly, on the environment. This is where Termidor Termite Treatment is superior to other types of treatment. Using Fipronil as an active ingredient, Termidor is an effective solution to termite infestations that does not cause unnecessary environmental harm. In fact, the active ingredient is also used in agricultural products as well as in flea and tick control for household pets.

Unlike other products, professionals only need to apply a small amount of the product for maximum efficacy. Common termiticides have been rated as Schedule 6 poison. Termidor, on the other hand, is not, according to the criteria set by WorkSafe Australia.

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