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Why Should You Trust Termidor Termite Treatment?

You can safely kill termites with a Termidor Termite Treatment, but why use Termidor?

One of the most feared problems of home owners is termite infestation. Not only do termites look really nasty, they can also cause costly damage, which grows larger the longer you are unable to find the right solution. As with most pest problems, having termites in the house is like waging a war for territory. The more they become aware that you’re attacking them, the more they will become aggressive in ensuring their claim to your property. Thus, the best way to fight termites is not through a head-on encounter, but with a smart, stealthy strategy that is so powerful they’ll never know what hit them.

Termidor Termite Treatment stands by this stealth approach. The solution is virtually undetectable even to the very sensitive senses of termites. It can’t be seen, smelled or felt by the most perceptive termite in the colony. The termites will go on their usual activities, clueless that they’ve been crawling freely over areas treated with Termidor. Their bodies will already be carrying the treatment and they will unknowingly spread this silent killer to fellow termites they come in contact with. Eventually, the whole colony will be poisoned and wiped out in no time at all.    

Only licensed professionals are allowed to use Termidor to treat termite-infested structures. After a thorough inspection, your pest control agent will present you with possible solutions suitable for your needs. Here are more reasons why you should trust Termidor in case an anti-termite specialist recommends it:

It’s fast and effective. The unique formulation of Termidor makes it six times more effective in eliminating 100% of termite populations compared to other common methods, such as bait and monitoring systems. Application is likewise fast; a standard home application can take just less than one hour to complete.

It’s cost-efficient. Termidor treatment costs will depend on various factors such as size of the area, extent of infestation and so on. But no matter what treatment plan you may go for, it will most likely still be less expensive and practical in the long run compared to other common treatment options. A good chunk of the cost savings can be credited to the speed of its effect (no more repeat doses) and the long-lasting protection it can offer in keeping termites away for a long time.

It’s friendly to your family and the environment. Termidor is proven safe to use for residential applications. Its active ingredient, fipronil, is commonly utilised in edible products (food crops) and pet hygiene (flea and tick control for cats and dogs) products. Termidor is odour-free, making it a preferred solution for other kid- and family-friendly places such as schools and churches.

Worried about termites? Wage war against them – the silent, super-powered way – with the right Termidor treatment plan. Talk to your trusted anti-termite team today.

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