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What's The Ideal Timing For Professional Termite Inspections?

Flying termites become abundant during the humid Spring and Summer months

Put simply, the ideal timing for Australian residents is NOW. Why?

Well as the warm weather quickly approaches us the excitement for summer festivities starts to take hold. In Australia we love the idea of a good feed in the great outdoors just on dusk, however the appetising smell of the ever reliable BBQ that we all love brings with it a rather annoying aspect in terms of insects. Contrary to what you may be thinking I am not talking about flies or mosquitos, but TERMITES and the FLYING TERMITES that we all see as the night closes in.

These annoying FLYING TERMITES love the warm humid nights as when there is moisture in the air the TERMITE COLONY senses it. Being the moisture lovers that they are, this is the best time to fly from the nest and to start an entirely new colony and your home could just be next timber food source for these airborne timber borers.

Now you may be asking 'How do I protect my home from white ants?'

Don't despair- you can protect your most valuable assett in a number of ways and Assassin Pest Control can advise you on the best TERMITE PROTECTION for your home. Whether it be a TERMIDOR TERMITE TREATMENT or a baiting program such as is availble from Exterra, or whether it be a simple case of taking the necessary precautions of eliminating any excess moisture problems around the home, we can help you take the required steps in ensuring your home isn't attacked by these 'silent assassins'!

TERMIDOR is a non repellent termiticide which has a life span of up to 8 years and we continue to stand by this exceptional product which is our specialty. We have been using this in non-invasive treatments for many years and it's super low toxicity levels are ideal for family homes and certainly preferred by our technicians who handle the chemicals as part of their daily tasks on the job.

So how do you know if any kind of treatment is required? Talking to a professinal is the safest way to be sure. At Assassin we recommend TERMITE INSPECTIONS at intervals not exceeding 12 months between visits. Building inspections and TERMITE TREATMENTS are important in maintaining the structural integrity for you home.

Please visit the rest of our web site for helpful hints with plenty of DO’s and DO NOT’s when it comes to dealing with TERMITES and FLYING TERMITES. Check out our FAQ page along with our termite inspections page. If you have any questions or are worried about white ants attacking your home, phone our toll free number and remember help is always close at hand.

That number is 1800 674 115. Rest assured, your home is safe with the team from ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL.

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