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Termite Inspection Reveals Termites In 3 Storey Brick Home

Darryl Quinn of Assassin Pest Control

Read it as explained by Assassin Pest Control's leading hand Darryl Quinn:

We recently had a referral from a happy customer & did a Termite Inspection on a property in the Hills District. Now nothing unusual about doing a Termite Inspection except that the building in question was of full brick construction on a concrete slab. Again, what makes this property any different to the rest....allow me to explain.

Imagine a 3 story property with brick walls external and internal with no timber frames anywhere, with each of the 3 flooring levels being built from concrete. Now this being said even the staircases were built from concrete, the comment by the home owner still rings in my ear:

“You won't find any Termites here” he said with some confidence. I said to him:

“We have heard that comment plenty of times”.

I'm not sure if it would have occurred to him at that point but more often than not when we do hear that comment from property owners, unfortunately for them we're soon to to reply ourselves with the dreaded  “T” word....

“Termites. They're up here." I said to him.

"Where!?" he replies in disbelief.

"In the skirting boards and under the carpet in the carpet grippers on the 3rd floor."

Termite Inspection Uncovers Termites On 3rd Level

Anyway after further investigation it became apparent that copper water pipe inside the wall cavity on the external walls had broken and water was constantly running down the wall from the 3rd level and the termites followed the moisture content from ground floor to the 3rd floor. The home owner then replies: "That explains my recently high water bill and usage."

The termites had only done superficial damage as no structural parts of the building were constructed from timber, nether the less still distressing for the home owner and an episode they will never want to experience again.

This goes to show even a property that is built from brick and concrete is not safe from termite attack and that regular inspections are important.

So with the home owner in panic mode we suggest a Termidor Termite Treatment to the property. Quickly we deploy the treatment and along with a few building design faults rectified- happy days ahead for the now relieved home owner.

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