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A termite inspection could save you more than money

A professional termite inspection could save you a lot more than money.

Are you about to purchase a new home for you & your family? Or are you a little suspect on some termite activity in your current home?

If you've answered yest to either of these questions the a professional termite inspection could be the best investment you ever make.

As it is commonly known, insurance companies will not cover for termite damage in their home insurance policies so it the responsibility is on YOU, the home owner, to ensure that termites never take hold of your biggest asset.

Even severe infestations can be difficult to detect for the unwary individual- you need to know what the telltale signs are and more importantly, you need to act fast on getting rid of the termites & their associated colony PERMANENTLY.

Even if you think you have a keen eye for suspect timber or moist sections of the structure that are prime real estate for subterranean termites, you should ask yourself "am I 100 percent sure that this house is safe from termites?". It's a big call to make, and we wouldn't expect anyone other than trained & experienced professionals to make that call for the would be home buyer or home owner.

Our advice is simple- don't take the risk. If you're at all suspect of ANY termite activity whatsoever then you need to call in the pro's for an inspection. If you've got your heart set on purchasing a new home, be it an older structure or a modern one, and you want that peace of mind, then you should definitely call in a professional to give you that peace of mind. Take advantage of the experience the pest control professionals have gained after working for years in the field.

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL have been working in the termite treatment industry for over a decade and having been involved in chemical field trials for DuPont® we have seen the latest in termite treatment technology. We have the utmost confidence in our ability to detect termite infestations.

Our termite inspections not only bring many years of experienced knowledge to the job site- we bring the latest in technology with us too. Our infrared cameras can detect termite infestations in a non invasive fashion meaning there is minimal disruption to you & your family. In addition, if you're in need of a termite inspection at a home that you don't own (and are looking to purchase) then an infrared heat reading is really the only option. Pest controllers cannot perform any form of invasive inspection on a home you don't already own as obviously this would leave the current owner rather furious!

The important thing to remember is that you are quite simply not covered for any termite damage, even if you purchase a home & discover a termite infestation after you've closed the deal. You will be left with the emotional & financial burden of repairing damaged walls, floors & roofing. In difficult economical times that we are facing, forking out hard earned money for unwanted repair bills is simply not a feasible concept for many Australian families.

Don't take the risk. Contact ASSASSIN to arrange your termite inspection today.

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