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Termidor Termite Treatments Still Our Termicide Of Choice

Termidor Termite Treatments - Our Termite Treatment Of Choice

At Assassin Pest Control, we have a strict policy whereby we go in and do a job once and do it RIGHT!

We have an exceptionally low call back rate for Termite Treatments - in fact we would have to look into our archives to find out when exactly we were called back to a job site as it's such a rare occurrence!

In our opinions it is the only way to do pest control - help the customer out as quickly & as effectively as possible, and in doing so avoid any costly returns to the job site in order to finish things off. This cannot be achieved by merely killing off the visible termites - a treatment must be used that has a sufficient transfer effect to kill of the colony.

Our confidence in treating pests & in particular termites has been built on years of experience & a wealth of knowledge. We've used a number of termite treatments over the years and have come to trust Termidor as our preferred chemical for complete termite treatments.

We are more concerned about eliminating the termite colony that is the source of termite workers, who are busying themselves eating away at someone's home. Termidor is extremely effective in doing this and although some termites may be killed from their initial contact with the chemical concentrate, many of them will live and return to their mound. In doing so they will transmit the chemical to fellow workers, who also transmit the chemical, until the entire colony INCLUDING the queen are exposed to Termidor, which eventually kills all termites that come into contact with it.

Termidor's ability to wipe out entire termite colonies is one of the great advantages of using the product. In addition it does not have a strong solvent smell that would normally linger in your home for weeks - occupants are able to continue living in their homes with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

So for anyone who asks us, what type of termite treatment should be used in a home or workplace? Termidor Termite Treatments.

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