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Termites on the Rise: You Have Been Warned

Termites are on the rise this year in AustraliaTermites are on the rise this year in Australia

Insect experts have been closely monitoring insect activity after our exceptionally wet warmer months throughout the 2016 Springtime. First we saw an increase in mosquitoes, then flies, and now the most destructive insect of all, termites. Unfortunately for Sydney home owners, they're headed your way.

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Severe Termite Infestation at Sydney Property

Nasty surprise - termite mound under kitchen benchtop

It's that time of year when things warm up in Australia and in 2016 we have seen some of the wettest springtime months on record. As we near Christmas and another New Year, termites have sprung in to action in response to some of the most ideal breeding conditions in recent years.

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Springtime Outbreak: Spiders Rampage Through Sydney Metro Areas

Know Your Spiders - View our PDF Spider Chart

Redback spider

Wet and warm weather across NSW this Spring has seen a dramatic increase in spider activity over the months of October and November. There has been a sharp increase in calls related to spider infestations throughout the Sydney metropolitan areas and residents are advised that their properties could be at risk of being affected by the outbreak.

Of particular concern are the high numbers of venomous Redback, White Tailed and Funnel-web spiders being recorded both here in NSW and Queensland. Redback spiders can live for up to a year without food or water, and weather conditions over the past 12 months have provided extended periods with a climate perfect for spider reproduction, allowing these pests to breed in much higher than average numbers.

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Pest E-Tips - Issue #2

Check out our free information resource- download the PDF below. This months feature pest is the filthy and resilient cockroach, which is never a welcome sight in any home or workplace.

Download our February issue of Pest-e-Tips

Pest E-Tips - Professional Pest Control Tips

Check out this PDF download containing some sound pest control advice for the home owner:

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When Termites Attack - Don't Let This Happen To You

As a home owner, it's your absolute worst nightmare. Total devastation hits you & your family hard when the discovery of termites uncovers an even greater dilemma- the total destruction of your home from the inside out.

This was the unfortunate reality for river cottage owners Neil & Lesley who at first thought they only had a mild white ant problem. When the flooring in their bedroom upstairs seemed to be going saggy underneath the carpet, we were very quickly appointed to take care of the apparent termite infestation they had in the building.

"We thought we could hear mice burrowing in the roof, so we weren't too worried about it." Says property owner Lesley.

"We put out some rat bait thinking it would do the trick, but then a few months later the floor started giving way, so we realised then it must have been the sound of termites boring into the wooden floorboards that we could hear at night."

During this early stage everything was pretty straightforward- a well established termite colony was identified & exterminated, the source of their destruction coming from a pair of nearby River Red Gum trees. Once the termites were removed from the building & trees, bait stations were placed around the property to prevent any further attacks from re-occurring. The building seemd to be intact and the damage to the floor was considerable, though it didn't need immediate replacement as it was still safe to walk on & the house was only a holiday home & not used every day of the year.

Some 12 months later Neil & Lesley began renovations on the downstairs area of their cottage. While they expected to uncover some traces of termite activity when removing wall panels, they never dreamt of the discovery that was to follow. As you can see in the pictures, termites had all but completely destroyed a major percentage of the building and had in fact been busy boring out all of the wood for many years. A heartbreaking moment for the pair- what was part of their retirement plans quickly turned into a much heavier financial burden.

Further investigation uncovered more and more damage throughout the cottage and before long came the realization that not only was there zero chance of continuing with their renovation plans, the building required a full demolition.

As you may know, there isn't an insurance policy in Australia that covers for termite damage. This means the property owners bear the full cost of demolition & clean up, along with the obvious considerable cost of rebuilding.

How could this have been prevented?

In this particular case, there is a good chance that the termites were already active when Neil & Lesley purchased the property. Had the building been inspected prior to purchase they could have acted accordingly a lot sooner and perhaps prevented so much damage from occurring, or at least had the matter considered as far as agreeing on a purchase price for the property.

This illustrates how critical a pest or termite inspection is when buying a property.

However, had there been no active termites during the period they purchased the property, there wasn't anything from stopping them invading shortly afterwards. Bait stations should have been in place much sooner and regular termite inspections should have taken place.

Don't let this happen to you. Arrange a termite inspection NOW.

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With Wet Weather Across Sydney, Termite Control is Essential

Get a termite inspection - you could save thousands

Well as the first few days of Autumn hit us with a big wet we wonder where sunny summer went. Usually the summer months are the active days of Termites and the feeding frenzy they perform on our most prized possession- our house and garden. Termites have an active season which usually runs during the warmer months, but over the last few seasons termites have had the most consistent weather of sun and water over a longer period of time with only the cooler months of June, July and August slowing down the activity of termites, now this does not mean NO termite activity only a slowing down of their movements as termites now prefer the warmth of the nest and termite colony, in some sense they are bit like the human race- when it's cold we are more likely to stay indoors around the heater with a cup of coffee than mowing the lawns and keeping the garden maintained.

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Under Siege In Sydney – Pest Control Specialists Rescue Homes From Destructive Vermin

Little creatures, gargantuan damage. And as you know, any damage to your property means a catastrophe for your finances. Don’t let the pests have their way. They cause damage, they carry disease, and they’re ugly – they must not prevail in their quest for dominion. Their hideous pursuits must be subdued with utmost efficiency, efficacy, and authority. Bugs, spiders, rodents... get to the phone and set an appointment with the city’s best exterminators. It’s only your duty as a responsible homeowner, Australian, and human being. Just say “No!” to pests. Do not let your life be the foundation of a weird science fiction and/or horror movie.

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Go For A White Ant Treatment Before Those Buggers Ruin Your Summer ... And Your Home

Those white ants are hurt to be called vandals or fun sponges. They don’t mean to ruin your good time or your property in their bid to nourish themselves and reinforce their colony. People are not the only ones who love the idea of a great outdoor meal in the warm dusk after all. You’ll probably find company descending in droves as the mouth-watering aroma of tonight’s barbie wafts through the humid air. It’s not the kind of company you were expecting, however. These guests are the winged variety and they didn’t come for your exotic kabobs or famous barbecue sauce, either. As the night closes in, those ubiquitous flying white ants or termites make their presence felt as they revel in the warm, moist air in search of yummy timber. When this happens, don’t fret over your gatecrashed barbie; instead, worry that those buggers are eyeing your home as their next food source.

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Get The Safest And Most Efficient Termite Treatment Sydney Pest Control Specialists Offer

Termites, like cockroaches and other undesirables, are practically indestructible. They were here during the time of the dinosaurs and will continue to thrive post-Apocalypse. And no one is spared; from the ghettos to Millionaire’s Hill, termites lurk in sinister menace, awaiting an opening for an attack. To defeat their destructive intent on your home, knowledge of their biology is crucial.

Specialists in termite treatment Sydney residents consult are expected to be equipped with the latest in thermal imaging technology in order for them to be completely accurate in determining the location of the termites.

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Termite Inspections: From An Environmental Perspective

Thermal cameras can be used prior to any chemical application for an initial termite inspection that is non-invasive

Consider it a form of ecological karma.

It is quite easy to think of an individual's actions as an independent event — something which has no bearing to another person or creature miles away. But the truth is, the Earth is one big ecological system. It is quite easy too to think of climate change, global warming and other environmental issues as a minor inconvenience to which an average individual has little control.

Now consider the termite — a little creature that can wreak havoc inversely proportional to its miniscule size. Annually, these insects cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage and cause financial woes related to home repairs, termite inspections and pest controls. Sydney residents may think that they are immune to this problem, but the truth is they are not.

What’s worse is that, despite the amount of money home owners spend not only to get rid of these pests but also to safeguard their homes, the problem only seems to worsen as years go by. Many experts foresee the problem growing worse as areas which are considered habitats for these creatures (like forests) are diminishing due both to increased consumer demand and the encroachment of these areas for property development.

With the loss of their habitat, there is no other recourse for these insects but to seek food and habitat in areas where humans live, which in turn fosters the cycle of infestation and pest control. Certainly, more areas must be developed to accommodate the country's growing population. But in order to minimise the threat of termite infestations, both authorities and property developers should consider this issue.

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Problems With Pest Control? Sydney Professionals Come To The Rescue

Sydney pest controller Darryl Quinn has a wealth of knowledge that will help you solve your pest problems

Keeping pests out of the house, away from your property and far from your immediate surroundings requires constant vigilance from you as homeowner. You keep the house clean and well-maintained to discourage pests from settling in your property. You ensure that food supplies and other items are properly stored and sealed at all times. You set traps around the area or apply the right treatment at the first suspicious signs of pest entry. You try to be always on your toes when it comes to pest control; you’re aware of how pests can pose threats to your property and your family’s health and safety.

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Why Should You Trust Termidor Termite Treatment?

You can safely kill termites with a Termidor Termite Treatment, but why use Termidor?

One of the most feared problems of home owners is termite infestation. Not only do termites look really nasty, they can also cause costly damage, which grows larger the longer you are unable to find the right solution. As with most pest problems, having termites in the house is like waging a war for territory. The more they become aware that you’re attacking them, the more they will become aggressive in ensuring their claim to your property. Thus, the best way to fight termites is not through a head-on encounter, but with a smart, stealthy strategy that is so powerful they’ll never know what hit them.

Termidor Termite Treatment stands by this stealth approach. The solution is virtually undetectable even to the very sensitive senses of termites. It can’t be seen, smelled or felt by the most perceptive termite in the colony. The termites will go on their usual activities, clueless that they’ve been crawling freely over areas treated with Termidor. Their bodies will already be carrying the treatment and they will unknowingly spread this silent killer to fellow termites they come in contact with. Eventually, the whole colony will be poisoned and wiped out in no time at all.    

Only licensed professionals are allowed to use Termidor to treat termite-infested structures. After a thorough inspection, your pest control agent will present you with possible solutions suitable for your needs. Here are more reasons why you should trust Termidor in case an anti-termite specialist recommends it:

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What to do if you find a snake in your backyard

Snake catcher holding carpet python in New South Wales

One of our pest controllers recently stumbled across an Australian python while performing a routine visit at one of our client's houses in suburban Sydney. With his phone camera in hand he managed to both capture the reptile & provide us with some footage from the 1st person perspective so we thought the unexpected find is good enough reason for a write up on snakes which hasn't yet been featured on our website.

ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL can assist you with snake catching and as our field technician discovered, they certainly appear unexpectedly and the need for instant action is obvious. Generally very timid creatures, they are fast to retreat into their dens or hide under debris or in longer vegetation in the backyard, making them difficult to find.

This particular snake was a carpte python known as Morelia Spilota and these are the most common type of python found on Australian soil. Luckily for our pest controller at hand, she looked to have just settled on a recent meal which would likely have been a marsupial of some kind, or perhaps a large rat judging by thte size of the bulge in her stomach. Generally lazy-looking by nature during the day, the full stomach had the snake in an even more subdued mood and she was easy enough to collect without causing any harm.

Although non-venemous, carpet pythons utilize their size to crush their prey and as you can see in the video, they have the ability to curl themselves around an object at which point they will squeeze to strangle their kill. Generally of minimal threat to humans, they do have the ability to take away unwary pets and still need to be regarded as a dangerous predator.

On this occasion the snake was nearly 2 metres in length which is actually on the small side of the scale for this species which can grow in excess of 4 metres long. The property owners were understandably not too keen to keep her around until she grew to full size so we moved the snake off to another location that was more than a safe distance from residential areas.

Despite a find such as this being somewhat interesting, it is important to note that Ausralia harbours some of the most deadly snakes in the world that have a venom potentially deadly to humans. Although many snakes will not usually attack unless provoked, their presence is certainly a danger to families & their pets and the discovery of any snake should prompt an immediate call to a professional snake catcher or pest controller. Do not delay.

Australia's deadliest snakes:

  • Eastern Brown Snake - aggressive, short tempered. Commonly found in populated areas especially on farmlands.
  • Tiger Snake - common inhabitants of the east coast. Bites can be fatal if left untreated.
  • Taipan (inland & coastal)- rare within suburban areas but it's bite can kill a human in less than an hour.
  • King Brown Snake - very common type of brown snake with an ultra high venom output.
  • Copperhead Snake - lovers of water with neurotoxic venom & can inhabit colder climates.
  • Small-eyed Snake - common along the east coast. Small (around half a metre) & black, difficult to spot.
  • Death Adder - their nature of hunting means they will risk being trodden on instead of fleeing human activity.
  • Red Belly Black Snake - commonly found throughout NSW & within Sydney's inner suburban areas.

The important thing to do when a snake is sighted in or around your home is to not panic & contact a professional as soon as possible. Secure your family & any pets from contact with the snake & ensure there aren't any gaps underneath doors or in low windows where the reptile could possibly gain access. Remember most snakes won't bite if they're left unharmed so don't do anything to provoke an attack & you and your family will be fine.


The Unluckiest Termite Treatment Customer

3 termite treatments at 3 different homes.

Over the years clients move from one property to another. Now that in itself is not unusual; but how would you feel if you have moved 3 times and sometime down the track you get TERMITES not once nor twice but 3 times?

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What's The Ideal Timing For Professional Termite Inspections?

Flying termites become abundant during the humid Spring and Summer months

Put simply, the ideal timing for Australian residents is NOW. Why?

Well as the warm weather quickly approaches us the excitement for summer festivities starts to take hold. In Australia we love the idea of a good feed in the great outdoors just on dusk, however the appetising smell of the ever reliable BBQ that we all love brings with it a rather annoying aspect in terms of insects. Contrary to what you may be thinking I am not talking about flies or mosquitos, but TERMITES and the FLYING TERMITES that we all see as the night closes in.

These annoying FLYING TERMITES love the warm humid nights as when there is moisture in the air the TERMITE COLONY senses it. Being the moisture lovers that they are, this is the best time to fly from the nest and to start an entirely new colony and your home could just be next timber food source for these airborne timber borers.

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Termites In Brick Homes - A Common Site For Sydney Pest Control Companies

Termites Can Attack Homes Of Any Construction Type

I think sometimes it's not what you know about the chemical, but you have to understand how termites work and understanding different building techniques is very important whether it be a brick veneer home, whether it be a full brick or whether it be a Besa Block constructed building. Whether it be a raft slab, an in fill slab or whether it's on bearers and joists. And certainly we have done homes that are full brick. Full brick construction, but yet termites have made it upstairs into the roof line because there's a break in a roof tile or two, the water's running down the roofing timbers, finds its cavity on the external walls of the building, runs in that brick cavity, the termites find that moisture. Because the bricks are porous, they retain the moisture and away they go.

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Termite Inspection Reveals Termites In 3 Storey Brick Home

Darryl Quinn of Assassin Pest Control

Read it as explained by Assassin Pest Control's leading hand Darryl Quinn:

We recently had a referral from a happy customer & did a Termite Inspection on a property in the Hills District. Now nothing unusual about doing a Termite Inspection except that the building in question was of full brick construction on a concrete slab. Again, what makes this property any different to the rest....allow me to explain.

Imagine a 3 story property with brick walls external and internal with no timber frames anywhere, with each of the 3 flooring levels being built from concrete. Now this being said even the staircases were built from concrete, the comment by the home owner still rings in my ear:

“You won't find any Termites here” he said with some confidence. I said to him:

“We have heard that comment plenty of times”.

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A Social Side To Pest Control

Connect with ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL on social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

We're a highly sociable bunch at Assassin Pest Control so we've decided to go social on the Internet too. We're truly happy to discuss anything pest control related both on & offline so make sure you join us on our social media pages to be part of any discussions.

Social media is also a great way to quickly & easily share information so by all means please feel free to share any of the information you find on our website.

As always, you can contact us through our regular channels including our TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1800 674 115.

A termite inspection could save you more than money

A professional termite inspection could save you a lot more than money.

Are you about to purchase a new home for you & your family? Or are you a little suspect on some termite activity in your current home?

If you've answered yest to either of these questions the a professional termite inspection could be the best investment you ever make.

As it is commonly known, insurance companies will not cover for termite damage in their home insurance policies so it the responsibility is on YOU, the home owner, to ensure that termites never take hold of your biggest asset.

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Termidor Termite Treatments Still Our Termicide Of Choice

Termidor Termite Treatments - Our Termite Treatment Of Choice

At Assassin Pest Control, we have a strict policy whereby we go in and do a job once and do it RIGHT!

We have an exceptionally low call back rate for Termite Treatments - in fact we would have to look into our archives to find out when exactly we were called back to a job site as it's such a rare occurrence!

In our opinions it is the only way to do pest control - help the customer out as quickly & as effectively as possible, and in doing so avoid any costly returns to the job site in order to finish things off. This cannot be achieved by merely killing off the visible termites - a treatment must be used that has a sufficient transfer effect to kill of the colony.

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Free Chart Can Help You Identify Spiders

There aren't many people that enjoy the sight of a spider in their yard or home. These 8 legged creatures will often invade your home in search for food, shelter & protection from predators.

Contrary to popular belief, spiders will not engage in any form of attack on humans unless provoked. Hollywood films often portray spiders as cunning predators and very deadly & dangerous insects.

Sydney Pest Control Resource - FREE Australian Spider Chart

All spiders can bite & cause pain & discomfort, some spider bites are more painful than others. A select few species such as the Redback or Funnelweb have a highly poisonous venom than can cause extreme pain & result in a trip to the hospital.

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