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There aren’t many people that enjoy the sight of a spider in their yard or home. These 8 legged creatures will often invade your home in search for food, shelter & protection from predators.

Contrary to popular belief, spiders will not engage in any form of attack on humans unless provoked. Hollywood films often portray spiders as cunning predators and very deadly & dangerous insects.

All spiders can bite & cause pain & discomfort, some spider bites are more painful than others. A select few species such as the Redback or Funnelweb have a highly poisonous venom than can cause extreme pain & result in a trip to the hospital.

Although it is true that some Australian spiders have deadly venomous bites, the majority of spiders found throughout Sydney & New South Wales are of no real threat to a persons health. Obviously you need to take the necessary precausions inside your home & exterminate any spiders you find (mainly to keep the cobwebs away!) but we recommend that any spider found in the garden be left alone to take it’s natural course. Like any insect, spiders play a role in the Earth’s ecology and are part of the food chain.

The more dangerous spiders such as Redbacks & White Tail Spiders will however often find their way into sheds & homes, meaning they have to be dealt with. Accidentally coming into contact with a spider web or directly with a spider could result in a bite.

The important thing to do is identify the type of spider(s) you are dealing with. ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL have provided a free spider chart that you may use to assist with this process.

If you find a large number of spiders on your property and are concerned about controlling them yourself then you need to call a professional pest controller in for the job.

Download your free chart by clicking here. We recommend printing it in full colour & placing it on the fridge or somewhere that it will be easily accessed.

If you have any questions relating to spiders in your home, don’t hesitate to call ASSASSIN’s toll free number – 1800 674 115.